So, you are a Rollin' Rhonda...

Yay, we’re so happy for you!

We love that you’re using your wisdom and experience to invest in others. What you’re doing is important! As women in ministry ourselves, we know how critical it is to keep our spiritual edge- and that only comes by being in the Word. We also love learning new techniques for diving deeper as these not only help us but sometimes, what we learn is meant to bless someone else.


The Explore God’s Word collection is full of fun, creative ways to approach God’s word but for you, the experienced student, we recommend two workshops to start with:

Christa Hutchins is sharing for the first time ever, her Verse Cubing Method

This structured approach to Bible Study will help you look at a verse or short passage from six directions ... like looking at all sides of a cube ... to get a complete picture of what God is saying to you. We’ll use simple methods of Personalization, Context, Translations,  Commentary, Cross reference, and Key Words with easily-accessible study tools to bring a fresh word for today even from familiar passages.

Sheryl Aeschliman’s Simply Color-The Art of Creative Bible Study

Simply Color is a Bible study tool designed to help you read with insight using 8 basic colored pencils. By searching for specific concepts and phrases in each passage, you will build a greater understanding and discover bedrock truths that define Christianity. This workshop will give you a simple system for incorporating creativity while improving your understanding of God’s word and is a great tool to teach others as well!

If all the Explore God’s Word workshop collection did was give you ONE strategy or tip that blessed your time in God’s word or another’s, wouldn’t it be “I’m-SO-glad-I-did-this” worth it? We think so too!