On-Demand Prayer Notebook Workshop

What will you need for this workshop?
EASY PEASY... just gather up these FIVE simple things!
A blank journal or notebook (composition books work well)
A pen, pencil or colored pencils
Decorative papers and/or ephemera (pretty paper stuff)
OR... one of the PRINTABLE KITS from below

Our ready-made Prayer Notebooking Kits are available for your convenience! These are 100% optional but available if you want the convenience of a ready-made kit to dive right into the workshop. Click below to learn more and grab the kits.

Whether you are using our kits or come with your own supplies, we can't wait for you to
Create Your Anti-Anxiety Prayer Notebook with us!

Come away from the workshop with a special prayer book & scriptures you can use as you pray.


Anti-Anxiety Scripture Page


Prayer Prompt Bookmarks & Divider Tabs

{Note: these are included in the above kits... plus SO MUCH MORE!}


We have another way to battle boredom & anxiety... while documenting History as it's happening!

Put your Journal making skills to good use and create a Quarantine Journal for you to go through with {or without} your kids during this unprecedented season!

Check it out below!

Meet Your Workshop Hosts

Arabah Joy ( from arabahjoy.com) and Jen Evangelista (from graceincolor.com) both have decades of ministry experience.

Collectively, we've adopted internationally, lived in 5 different countries, gone through medical school, put both our husbands through seminary, planted churches, worked as professionals, started our own businesses, served as military wives, and homeschooled kids. Whew, we make ourselves tired!

Because of all this, we bring decades of both ministry and ahem, LIFE experience to all that we do... and we love doing life with you!

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