So, you are a Overwhelmed Olivia...

Let’s face it, the Bible is a BIG book and there is always. more. to. learn!

While this is actually a GOOD thing because it means we’ll never outgrow the Bible, sometimes knowing how and where to get started can be a real obstacle. 


The easiest way to overcome this obstacle is to KISS- Keep It Simple, Sweetie. If you were to join a sports team, the coach would spend most of the practice time each day teaching you the basics and drilling you on them until they were second nature. So it is with Bible study- learning a few basic strategies are all you need to start digging into God’s word in meaningful ways.


To keep it simple, give you a plan, and show you the ropes, we recommend these two workshops inside the Explore God’s Word collection for you to start with:

Julie Varner: The Amazing Benefits of Reading Through the Entire Bible

If you’ve never systematically read through the entire Bible, this workshop is for you!   Reading through all of God's Word can feel daunting, but we promise, YOU CAN DO IT! The benefits of doing so are incredible for our spiritual growth.  This session will inspire you to read through all of Scripture, plus help you choose which of five great plans is the right one for you to get started on this amazing journey.

Abby Rike on How to Encounter God Each Day Using the S.A.L.T. Method of Bible Study

During this workshop, Abby walks you through a simple framework for your Bible study time. With the S.A.L.T. Method of Bible study, and the “Who Is God” reading plan, you will not only have a plan for your time in the Bible, but you’ll get to experience God in a fresh new way. With no predetermined learning outcome, you will gain not only head knowledge but heart change.

If all the Explore God’s Word workshop collection did was give you ONE strategy that crushed overwhelm and give you a plan going forward, wouldn’t it be “I’m-SO-glad-I-did-this” worth it?