The perfect guide for diving deep into God's word in just 60 minutes

We know what it's like to want to spend rich, quality time with God... but without needing a full-length study.
Jen and Arabah Joy {from Sojo Academy} started the 1-Hour Bible Study series as a way to dig into God's word through meaty, single-session Bible studies. Our easy-to-use studies will walk you through inductive Bible study techniques. Each is different and perfect for exploring the Bible when you need a stand-alone Bible study lesson!
We invite you to mark your calendar and schedule an hour alone with God, then download our FREE Bible Study.  We hope it's a blessing to you!

A membership for Christian women where you will explore your creativity and study God's Word with a global, like-minded community.

An exciting collection of workshops intended to give you unique and creative ways to study the Bible.

1-Hour Bible Studies, Previous Travel Kits from Sojo Academy (Bible Studies and creative elements), physical products and more!

Sojo Love!

I notice that after I've watched both of you present something to our community I always feel so uplifted and motivated! Your chemistry together is so good! You balance each other out. And you end up making us laugh which is great medicine. Plus, you always encourage us in the Lord! It comes through how much you love and care for us.

~ Linda

I wanted to take a moment and thank you so much for all you are doing in Sojo Academy. There is so much that you're offering that can be suited to anyone's style of learning. Just know that I am truly honored to be a part of what God is doing here and that you are being prayed for.

~ Sandra

I am so grateful and thankful for all of the work that you both put into the workshops and workbooks. I have been throwing out prayer requests for years, without specific scriptural support. I now have the promise of the scriptures to back up my desire to understand and follow God's plan or my life. I am so blessed to have found you ladies and my SoJo sisters.

~ Karen