So, you are a Distracted Debbie...

We completely feel your frustration, trust us!

Distractions and chaos seem to be an unavoidable part of life. Fortunately, it IS possible to overcome distractions when it comes to our time in God’s word. 


The secret? Total Immersion


When you’re 100% immersed in something, you’re oblivious to time and surroundings, right? {C’mon, fess up to that last Netflix binge, lol!} Your time in God’s word CAN be the same way. We just need tips for knowing exactly HOW. To show you how to experience total immersion in your Bible study time, we have insider tips from ladies who have been there. We recommend these two workshop inside the Explore God’s Word collection for you to start with:

Christie Daugherty’s workshop on Creative Notetaking

Christie says, “Do you ever find your mind wandering during worship, Bible study or daily devotion? In this session, I will teach you fun lettering & doodling techniques that will help you focus on God’s word! Discover how to make worship (both private and corporate) meaningful again while having fun doing it. This is also a great technique to teach your kids too!”

Allie Trumpower’s workshop on Creating a Portable Journal


When it comes to total immersion, there’s nothing better than engaging with both your mind and your body. During this workshop, Allie will show you how to easily create a portable Scripture journal, which not only holds your attention as you work, but can then be taken with you on the go. This is a great tool for when your study time is limited. You’ll learn ideas for creating your journal and examples of ways you can use it. Be prepared, because you’ll come away from this workshop with your very own Scripture prayer journal! Better than Netflix... Guaranteed!

If all the Explore God’s Word Bible Study Workshop Collection did was give you ONE idea that stopped distractions in their tracks, wouldn’t it be “I’m-SO-glad-I-did-this” worth it?