So, you are a Bored Betsy...

We’ve been there too!

There are seasons in our walk with God when things just seem dry and, dare we say it? Boring.


But we’re not content to stay there and neither are you. That’s why we’re thrilled to have experienced mentors sharing how to overcome spiritual dryness. Sometimes a simple tip from someone else who’s been there is all we need to bust out of a rut and find those refreshing springs again. 


To help rejuvenate your time in God’s word, we recommend starting with these two workshops inside the Explore God’s Word collection:

Laura Krokos and her 7 P's Bible Study Method

Laura writes,  “Are your times with the Lord dry, leaving you feeling like it was something you did just to check off the list? The 7 P's Bible Study Method leads you into a real connection with God by learning how to hear from Him through the Scriptures. Re-kindle the joy of knowing Him intimately and the life change it produces!

Dianna Mills’ unique approach: Revitalize your devotional time by Bible Quilting® the Word

In this workshop, you will learn what Bible Quilting is and how to harvest verses according to theme, topical study, or your current phase of life. We guarantee you’ll wake up excited to create your own Bible quilt after learning Dianna’s process! Her workshop will guide you through the process of setting up a Bible Quilt® journal to organize scripture in a way that is personal and meaningful to you. Bible Quilting is a powerful devotional tool for your own personal growth, a fun family activity, or as a ministry outreach to share “quilted” pages with others.

If all the Explore God’s Word workshop collection did was give you ONE idea that rejuvenated your time in God’s word, wouldn’t it be “I’m-SO-glad-I-did-this” worth it?