WAIT! You are saying I can get Sojo Academy for FREE?

YES!  Because it's so valuable to us when you like Sojo enough to share with people you care about... we'll pay you to do it!

For each person you refer, we'll pay you 20%... for life!


Why would I share Sojo with my friends?

Because Sojo is an unbelievably valuable resource for Christian women with a desire to grow in their faith using Bible Study, creativity and community!

And beyond that, you can quickly earn enough to cover your own Sojo Academy membership!  You will continue to get guidance and accountability as you connect with other women!


What do I have to do?

It's super easy! You just share your unique link with them and tell them about your Sojo experience!


How do I get my special link?

Click the fancy red button below and sign up for an affiliate account!

  • Set up your affiliate account using the link below
  • We will have to manually approve your account and then...
  • You will see your unique links to share!


Think about what Sojo Academy means to you.  Think about your own walk with the Lord.  What is it that matters most to you?


Is it a better understanding of the Word of God?  Is it the creative ways to study the Bible you are learning?  Is it the accountability and support that comes with a vibrant community?

Be sure to share THAT with the people you share your link to.  They want to know why it matters to you!

Here are a few examples of what Sojo means to people:

"Since joining Sojo Academy, I've seen my depression lifting. It's been very small increments, but I have had 3 female deaths in my family since January and I have not regressed. That is a HUGE thing for me. Being in (almost) daily time with God has been a game-changer."


"I love the variety of different studies. I've heard of most of these types of studies but never known where to start. Thank you."


"Since joining with SoJo Academy I started strong and I loved the first study on discipline. I also enjoyed the artistic additions. I'm not very creative on my own, but I enjoy incorporating beautiful colors and art into my studies. "


"Since joining Sojo Academy, I'm never at a loss for creative, inspiring Bible study resources! The variety is quite impressive. In fact, I'm spending more time in God's Word since joining Sojo. How great is that!
I have also discovered a precious sense of community."

What should I do right now?

Enabling women to grow in Spiritual maturity and confidence in their walk with God is what we live for! When you help us spread the word, it means more women will hear the Gospel and experience transformation in their lives!


So, thanks!  That is why we created this program, to team up with women like you. So, grab your link and tell your story...  we'll be here offering Bible Studies, resources, creative ideas, workshops, support and more for the folks who take you up on the offer!

God bless you,

Jen, AJ, and the Sojo Team